Silver 2020 / Ethical Manufacturing / Closed loop manufacturing

Shoe with expiration date



  • Company
    Laura Muth
  • Lead Designer
    Laura Muth
  • Prize
    Gold in Utilize 70% recycle materials, Gold in Bio-fabricated materials, Silver in Closed loop manufacturing, Silver in Sustainable manufacturing process
  • Expertise
  • Firm Size

Laura’s aim is to create a recyclable product that can be composted in our gardens, which adds value to the environment. For the sole, Laura uses latex extract from the root of the dandelion (natural rubber) and waste materials such as straw or sawdust as fillers and natural dyes. The thin string is made with cellulose felt while the upper with woven hemp. The elements are not glued together, they can be assembled and freely combined: the upper shape wraps the lower part of the sole, in order to hold all the elements together.

Photo Credit: Laura Muth