Bronze 2020 / Unisex / Slides

Pastel macron



  • University
    Fddi Chennai
  • Lead Designer
    Hiba Salim
  • Prize
    Bronze in Slides
  • Expertise

I am a student studying for footwear designing.Here, i am submitting one of my footwear designs , where it is a slider.Here, i have upturned the common design of a slide to ,giving an extra counter ,which normally, a slide doesn’t have which will make the slide to extra fit! I gave the slide a very different high heel and the strap is entirely different than normal sliders. which gives the slider an exotic look.i gave mateiral-rubber, leather. I gave the slider pastels colors, and a theme as macarons, where it look like a cute effect and is pale and soft while maintaining its color personlty

Photo Credit: Hiba Salim