Gold 2020 / Women’s Dress / Open toe high heels

Femme Fatale



  • University
    Willem De Kooning
  • Lead Designer
    Quint Verhaart
  • Prize
    Gold in Open toe high heels, Gold in Pump / Stiletto heels
  • Expertise
    Non Professional

This eccentric shoe is inspired by the deceptive camouflage of the Lionfish and is a metaphorical statement of the damage that humans and the Lionfish wreak on the coral reef.
We are trampling the coral reef, as it were, by local and global sources and the Lionfish is contributing to this large-scale problem.
By being a threat to the underwater ecosystem makes this fish more deadly than ever.
It represents the Lionfish in a shoe of exquisite beauty and hidden dangers from deceptive camouflage.
The shoe is made of real Lionfish fins in combination with salmon leather.

Photo Credit: Quint Verhaart