Bronze 2020 / Women’s Dress / Open toe high heels

Robin Hood Wedge



  • University
    Savannah College Of Art And Design
  • Lead Designer
    Lu Pan
  • Prize
    Bronze in Open toe high heels, Bronze in Wedges
  • Expertise

The inspiration for the Robin Hood Wedge came from folding paper airplanes. The challenge was to integrate this bland object into something eye-catching. I reverted back to my childhood and thought of the legendary Robin Hood and his green bycoket hat. This shoe uses the geometric shape of the paper airplane and the bycoket, softening it with feminine curves and modernizing it with bold colors. The Robin Hood Wedge has the regality of 16th-century nobility but the power of the modern age. It represents to the wearer that they can be their own hero; their own Robin Hood.

Creative professional & life-long learner

Other prizes
> 2020 Global Footwear Awards Bronze in Wedges > 2020 Global Footwear Awards Bronze in Open toe high heels > 2017 WGSN + ARTSTHREAD Future Creator Award New York Shortlist > 2017 European Product Design Gold Award in Home Interior Products/Interior Furniture > 2012 Mikser Festival Belgrade Special recognition for contribution in the field of design > 2012 First Place - KYAMK Innovation Awards Finland > 2010 House and Home & Crafts Council of Ireland Young Designers Awards Finalist

Photo Credit: Lu Pan