Silver 2020 / Fashion Sneakers / Other Fashion innovation Footwear

London Living - A Heel To Cycle In



  • Company
    Tracey Neuls
  • Lead Designer
    Tracey Neuls
  • Prize
    Silver in Other Fashion innovation Footwear, Bronze in Mules, Bronze in Fair wage footwear business, Bronze in Supporting local communities footwear business
  • Expertise
  • Firm Size

Seeing our customers cycling about in our highest heels, inspired a rubber heel that you can truly cycle in. The shape hugs the peddles perfectly and the sole is supported by an internal metal shank. A reflective strip keeps you stylish during the day and safe at night. This pioneering heel to cycle in is an important part of Neuls' design history. Where and how we manufacture our footwear is very important to us. All of our factories have skilled craftspeople. Luxury Italian leathers are sourced from small ethical tanneries, no corners are cut when it comes to quality, inside or out.

Photo Credit: Tracey Neuls