Winner 2021 / Unisex Fashion / UNISEX FASHION




  • University
    Th Köln / Köln International School Of Design
  • Lead Designer
    Andrew Artajaya
  • Prize
    Winner in UNISEX FASHION
  • Expertise

History of footwear showed the ancient Roman sandals were built as unisex footwear and also included a remarkable genesis, where women were domesticated and men were allowed to work freely, it occurred due to distinction of functionality.

“bebas” — the literal translation of the Indonesian word "free" and has definitions as unobstructed, undisturbed, and unconfined. Hopefully, this may deliver the message of being truly free to determine, express yourself, and value inclusivity.

3 Features

1. Clogs as “domestication feature”
2. Sandals as “between feature”
3. Shoes as “spectrum feature”

Hello! I am a young Indonesian designer who lives in Germany. My childhood hobbies enhance my interest deeper in footwear design and culinary in general. Living in another continent and having my own root makes me appreciate the value of culture and diversity. Feel free to get in touch more with me!

Other prizes
2021 Category Winner in Unisex Fashion by Global Footwear Awards

Photo Credit: Andrew Artajaya