Overall Winner 2021 / SPORTS PERFORMANCE

ARCapsule Boost Concept



  • University
    Politecnico Di Milano,milan,italy
  • Lead Designer
    Parthasarathee Behura
  • Prize
    Overall winner in SPORTS PERFORMANCE
  • Expertise

This concept has been reimagined as an update for the current Adidas Adios Pro2 series.It features an adjustable carbon fibre plate inspired from Paralympics runner blades which the user can adjust for core running or for a simple warmup just before running.3D printed mesh upper for customized fit for each user.It houses an advance inflatable boost capsule system on the foot arc area which can be set to different arch support needed by different users based on their requirement and their running patterns.This arc system will benefit many flatfoot runners as well to accomplish their daily run.

Photo Credit: Parthasarathee Behura