Winner 2021 / Sustainability / NATURAL MATERIAL/VEGAN FOOTWEAR

Dali Azores



  • Company
    Marita Setas Unipessoal Lda / Marita Moreno
  • Lead Designer
    Marita Ferro
  • Prize
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  • Design Team
    Marita Setas Ferro
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Dali Azores is a vegan shoe produced with cork textile, cork-a-tex (international awarded Portuguese yarn) in a handcraft textile, a natural rubber sole and a recycled lining. We choose Portuguese cork because, besides having sustainable extraction, it's a natural, recyclable, sustainable and vegan material. The heritage and beauty from the Azorean Repasso (17thC), led the brand to work with a local crafter and developed a textile with the tech yarn, using a natural colour palette – is incredible sustainable due to the use of cork and craft work, a very delicate work and a soft and dry touch.

Marita Moreno is a Portuguese brand of fashion accessories created with a unique and ethical perspective - the history of the products is fundamental for its definition as a "slow fashion" brand. We use local and national endogenous resources, artisanal and industrial. We are constantly in search of how to create and produce sustainable design objects with history that are used in everyday life. Ethics, transparency in production and social responsibility have always been intrinsic values to us. We care about the creative process and our models have a unique design and are made to last.

Other prizes
•Global Footwear Awards - International> April 2022 - Professional Category - Silver in Sustainable Manufacturing Processes, Bronze in Mules, Bronze in Support to the Local Footwear Business, Bronze in Manufacturing with Biomaterials, Bronze at the Salary Footwear Trade Fair. •Green Product Award 2021 - Berlin> December 2020 - International Award for Concept and Sustainable Product - the only Portuguese nominated finalist in the fashion category •“Fashion, Sustainability and Business” - MOMAD Sustenible - Madrid> September 2019 - Winning brand. The award was given to Marita Moreno for a number of factors: the image of the brand and the product, taking into account the design of the collection, the raw material used, the place of production and the character of social responsibility as a brand. •FOMA (Fashions of Multicultural Australia) - SYMBOL OF HARMONY AWARD - Sidney - Australia> March 2018 - as recognition for the work of disseminating the cultural elements of Portugal through our products.

Photo Credit: Marita Setas Unipessoal Lda / Marita Moreno