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The 2nd Annual Global Footwear Awards


Awarded the best in Footwear Design

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Brands – Students – Independent Designers


From Fashion to Performance to Sustainability

The 2nd Annual Global Footwear Awards 2021 announces its Winners.

With entries from over all over the globe and across different footwear business entities, including freelancers and emerging young designers, GFA winners represent the world’s best in footwear designs. View all the GFA 2021 Winners

The Global Footwear Awards recognizes the efforts of talented footwear designers around the world and celebrates their exceptional creations at a global scale while honoring sustainable practices that will inspire the industry as a whole.

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The Global Footwear Awards acknowledges the best in the industry, addressing creativity, innovation, sustainability and social impact. The GFA’s ambition is to provide the highest recognition to footwear designers on all levels, from emerging designers to businesses and corporations. The award offers global visibility to designers, providing greater opportunities in the footwear business and beyond.

The GFA also provides an international platform, generating a network of leading professionals in the support of moving the industry forward. Furthermore, the GFA honors strategic thinking and innovative solutions to sustainability and social impact, from design to manufacturing and beyond.


Why You Should Submit

Winning the Global Footwear Awards™ is a most prestigious accolade, giving your company greater exposure and augmenting your global profile.



Global Recognition

The GFA winning badge is a sign of the most outstanding footwear designs. GFA is the only award of its kind that celebrates creativity, craftsmanship in global scale.


International Promotion

Benefit from the GFA marketing campaigns, press release, newsletters, interviews, and promotions.


Customer Growth

Generate exposure to established designers and major footwear industry leaders.



Connect with shoe designers worldwide and forge new opportunities through GFA network.


Team Recognition

Productivity, motivation, job satisfaction, and morale are boosted by well-deserved recognition.


Website Profile

A stunning profile displaying the winning projects and  company & designer’s details.

GFA 2020 Jury members

Our esteemed jury panel consists of leading industry professionals whose talents and contributions to the footwear community are aspirational. They are leading professionals coming from different disciplines within the footwear industry, including major publications, retailers, institutions and influencers, providing an overall industry perspective towards the selection of the best design.

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