The Global Footwear Awards is partnering with “Red Boots Awards” to connect with leading Footwear manufacturers in China

September 28, 2022

The Global Footwear Awards  is partnering with the China Leather Association and Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government organizer of the first “Red Boots Award” to provide a new set of benefits to the GFA’s winners to showcase their work to the fast-growing footwear industry in China and find strategic partners to produce their shoe concept.


Global Footwear Awards recognizes visionary out-of-the-box thinkers from around the world with an ambition to provide the highest recognition to footwear designers in all footwear divisions, from Fashion to Sports. Entries are evaluated at three different levels: Brands, Independent Designers, and students, in order to provide a fair opportunity for each level. With 24 categories, the Global Footwear Awards honors strategic thinking and innovative solutions from medical footwear, to running and trails, vegan, recycled materials to those having a positive social impact with inspiring collaboration.


The “Red Boots Design” advocates product innovation driven by design creativity, highlighting the commercialization and marketization of design achievements; introducing the local footwear industry in Wenzhou, igniting cooperation between designers, design colleges, and enterprises, and leading the design trend vane of China’s footwear industry.


In December 2022, China Leather Association and Wenzhou Municipal People’s Government will invite experts and scholars, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and fashion buyers from developed countries such as Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam to explore the new ecology of fashion trends in China’s footwear industry, draw a new blueprint for the development of China’s footwear industry, and promote the transformation and upgrading of China’s footwear industry.


The organizers of “Red Boots Design” not only provide generous bonuses to encourage the designers but also release a series of supporting and recruiting policies to attract outstanding designers to launch their careers in Wenzhou. Also, after the competition, the organizers will collaborate with partners from the academic and industrial circle to provide resources for winners, and help them implement their programs, as well as produce, promote and sell their products, thus gathering domestic and international resources of footwear design, building a hundred billion footwear industry cluster, and establishing an open, prosperous, and vigorous ecological chain for the global footwear industry.


The 2022 Global Footwear Awards winners will be invited to join the “Red Boot Awards” to submit their designs which will be reviewed by industry experts made of Chinese and International Jury members to win a trip to Wenzhou, China; meet local manufacturers, receive concept counseling and potentially start producing their awarded Footwear Design.


GFA Program Manager, Jennifer Cullera shared her thoughts on the exclusive partnership, “We are thrilled to now provide a unique opportunity for talented designers to realize their dreams – meet Footwear Manufacturers to potentially start production”.


Registration for the Global Footwear Awards is now open and will close on January 15th, 2022. For more information on the partnerships and benefits – please contact 


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The Global Footwear Awards recognizes the efforts of talented footwear designers around the world and aims to celebrate their exceptional creations at a global scale while honoring sustainable practices that will inspire the industry as a whole.


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