Global Footwear Award for Pforzheim Industrial Design student

December 7, 2022

Design a glove that meets the individual needs of the different Players consider – that is the goal of Emma Ehrenberg, Industrial Design student at Pforzheim University. For her shoe concept „ håb “ she now won the Global Footwear Award in the category „ Indoor-Sport “.

Handball is an intense sport that requires a lot of strength and speed and takes different demands on the shoe and foot in the outer, back and circle positions. Emma Ehrenberg knows these difficulties and focuses on modularity in her concept.

„ As a long-time handball player, I know from my own experience that today’s models just don’t respond to the needs of the different field positions.”

Emma Ehrenberg, industrial design student at Pforzheim University

Your shoe „ håb “ – the Danish short form for handball, the Danes are world-class players – consists of three components:
Sole, outer shoe and inner shoe. The design of these components differs for the different playing positions and thus adapts to the different tasks. Small details, such as the triangular shaped outer edge, are also intended to reduce the risk of injury
be minimized. In order to be able to design the fit ideally, the sole is composed of different layers and also deals with the athlete’s individual foot anatomy.

The student attaches particular importance to the sustainability and durability of her products. The materials used are largely circular, so they can be used again and again. Unlike common models, the components are also
not glued tightly, but sewn. This gives „ håb “ the option of exchanging parts independently of one another in order to avoid material waste.

Adaptable to all field positions: Emma Ehrenberg’s shoe concept. Rendering: Emma Ehrenberg

The design student also presented her idea to professionals. The handball player Ioannis Fraggis praises the concept: „ It takes up all the important points for us, prevention, compression and stability. “ The jury too
The Global Footwear Award was convinced of the idea and honored Emma Ehrenberg in the category „ Indoor-Sport “.