Global Footwear Awards announces its first partnership with Sneakers By Women.

July 1, 2021

Los Angeles, CA – Global Footwear Awards(GFA) is launching a special award for Up and Coming Female Sneaker Designers!

The Global Footwear Awards and Sneakers By Women are joining to create an award to celebrate the incredible female talents in streetwear and sneaker culture. With its ongoing mission to uncover visionary design talents, the GFA hopes to encourage creative female designers to showcase their unprecedented designs by creating a special award specifically for female sneakers designers, in partnership with Sneakers By Women(SBW).

“One of SBW’s main goals is to educate and inspire the next generation of females entering the sneaker industry. To recognize and congratulate those women through GFA, as well as providing the tools they need to thrive through access to a roster of sneaker industry pros, aligns perfectly with SBW. So it was an obvious yes to partnering up!” Julia Lebosse, Founder by sneakers by women

Silent Runner, GFA2020 Winner: Hodei_Club

Winning designers in this special category will receive mentorship support from footwear professionals through GFA and SBW community to help further their careers while benefiting from the GFA marketing campaigns, press releases, newsletters, interviews, and promotions.

“Julia truly is the voice of today’s generation, advocating for female footwear designers and we are so excited to partner with her. We hope to build together a global platform that provides exposure, support, and inspires many more female sneaker designers to come.” GFA Director Siramol On-Sri

Sneakers By Women is an online platform/community that celebrates the unsung female heroes that work within the industry that define streetwear and sneaker culture. While shedding light on industry inequalities and problems women face. The main goal is to continue to grow a community of female and male allies who will collectively advocate for a more diverse sneaker industry! Through this inspiring and encouraging the next generation of women to thrive in the ever-evolving sneaker world.

The Global Footwear Awards aims to celebrate their exceptional creations at a global level while honoring sustainable practices that will inspire the industry as a whole. The 2nd Annual Global Footwear Awards is now open for submission! Please visit