Silver 2020 / Ethical Workforce / Fair wage footwear business


Photo Credit: Unoriginal.Tom



  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Liesel Swart
  • Design Team
    Just Liesel
  • Client
    Environmentally Conscious Customer Who Loves Pure Eco Materials And Quality
  • Prize
    Silver in Fair wage footwear business, Bronze in Utilize 70% recycle materials, Bronze in Bio-fabricated materials
  • Expertise

LEV’01 footwear is made with attention to the environment, quality and comfort. The high-quality and durable material Wool-felt was the basis in the creation of this label and binding factor. LEV’01 chooses carefully its manufacturers and combines quality and responsibility. All materials can be recycled. The designs, timeles

Quality wool is dyed and felted in Finland, to an ancient tradition. The soles and heels production is carried out by a Portugese producer. The custom-made shoe and lasts are the specialties of this company, which guarantees LEV’01 comfort, responsibility and quality.