Gold 2020 / Ethical Workforce / Supporting local communities footwear business




  • Company
    Future Of Footwear
  • Lead Designer
    Catherine Willems
  • Prize
    Gold in Supporting local communities footwear business
  • Expertise
  • Firm Size

Future Footwear Foundation 3D2Walk shoes by Catherine Willems for her anthropological approach and research based shoes searching for ideal gait mixed with modern technology. On top of that fair production of shoes in Namibia, promoting an alternative economy with local tribes.FFF promotes working with thin, lightweight materials to enhance the barefoot feeling and proprioception; they are also breathable, non-toxic, and sourced close to the production unit.While indigenous production is subtractive in the sense that raw materials are cut from larger pieces and then reassembled to manufacture.

Photo Credit: Future Of Footwear