Silver 2020 / Materials Sourcing / Utilize 70% recycle materials

Nat-2 Clear FF Crush Gold



  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Sebastian Thies
  • Prize
    Silver in Utilize 70% recycle materials, Silver in Bio-fabricated materials
  • Expertise

Nat-2™ is the most innovative high-end sustainable footwear brand bringing never used before natural materials into footwear design such as real stone, coffee grounds, hayfield, corn, cork, mushrooms, oxblood, fish leather, flowers, cannabis, red pepper, skeleton leaves, moss and many more. It addresses the entire fashion industry by using disruptive materials and design in order to create awareness around potential consumers, but also people in general, no matter if they can afford the brand’s products or not. Nat-2 ™ was founded by Sebastian Thies, 6th generation shoe designer since 1856.