Gold 2020 / Fashion Sneakers / Other Fashion innovation Footwear




  • University
    Royal College Of Art
  • Lead Designer
    Chiyang Duan
  • Prize
    Gold in Other Fashion innovation Footwear, Gold in Bio-fabricated materials
  • Expertise

The coexistence of plants and rocks inspired me a new possibilities for sustainability which is mutualism.
I did research on how human walk on soil ,the sole directly touch the soil and part of it will sink in to the soil.
Then I explored a new mixed material that mixed grass seeds with silicon and cement which include nutrients,When it's stressed and deformed , seeds and cement will fall out,after that ,seeds still sprout.
I developed it into shoes cover which can be worn over by any type of shoes,When the user wears it and walking on mud, it can easily spread plants seeds at same time.