Bronze 2020 / Fashion Sneakers / Other Fashion innovation Footwear

La sape



  • University
  • Lead Designer
    Glodi Libondje
  • Prize
    Silver in Supporting local communities footwear business, Silver in Utilize more than 60% recycle materials, Silver in Utilize 70% recycle materials, Silver in Biodegradable materials, Bronze in Other Fashion innovation Footwear
  • Expertise
  • Design Team

This product is inspired by La sape culture, a Congolese movement that is associate With elegance, extravagance and exuberant fashion expression. It is a luxury shoe design with complex shapes and materials relevant to the concept and the current fashion industry. However, the upcoming brand will be focusing on social and humanitarian issues, culture and consumer's Digital experience via social media.GbS1 sneaker is about 70% recyclable with the material used to produce it. To lower the carbon footprint, I decided to reuse thrown materials such as used car tires and other Eco-friendly material

Photo Credit: Glodi Libondje