Silver 2020 / Unisex / valenki boots

Woolings World



  • University
    Riga School Of Art And Fashion
  • Lead Designer
    Marija Vlasova
  • Prize
    Gold in Canvas Shoes, Category winner in Men’s Casual, Silver in valenki boots
  • Expertise
    Non Professional
  • Design Team
    Marija Vlasova

Woolings is a handmade 100% wool felt shoes and boots, produced in Latvia/EUROPE.
We are using high quality German felt, that is comfortable for walking. Your feet don't sweat and feel free and warm in cold conditions.

Our product is Vegeterian, we use rubber or faux leather only.

The production of every new pair of Woolings starts with measurements, making sure it fits perfectly! Next - client chooses his model and color combination, so each pair is unique and one of a kind.
Wool is a breathable fabric and our loafer design is great for summer, so Woolings can be worn all year long

Photo Credit: Marija Marija Vlasova