Bronze 2020 / Women’s Casual / Sandals high heels

¿Puedo tener este baile, Victoria? - Ocho



  • University
    D'academie Beeld
  • Lead Designer
    Annelies Wouters
  • Prize
    Bronze in Sandals high heels
  • Expertise
  • Design Team
    Annelies Wouters

Inspired by the themes of Argentine tango and Victorian fashion. Tango is usually associated with passion and eroticism. Yet the tango has rather different characteristics: embrace, connection, intimacy. The shapes and lines refer to the rotational movements, flashing legs,… in tango. Victorian fashion is known for the elegant dresses and shoes in bright colors, made of expensive materials. The color palette, the smocking, knotting, the use of other fabrics such as silk, paracord, ... refer to this. The result is a shoe that is cool and sporty while also being elegant.

I was born with a severe hearing loss and grew up in a hearing world. Hearing loss is an invisible disability with consequences in all areas of life (social, emotional and professional) that triggers a lot of raw emotions in me.
There is always a latent presence of ‘walking on the tip of my toes’ in everyday life and to participate in social activities. I am also extremely dependent on digital technology for functioning and communication.
In addition to sports, creative activities are for me an outlet to get closer to myself and continue to shape those difficult emotions.

Other prizes
GFA 2020: Silver GFA 2020: Bronze (3x)

Photo Credit: Annelies Wouters