Gold 2020 / Women’s Dress / Ankle boots


Photo Credit: Charlotte Visser



  • University
    Academie Beeld Sint-niklaas (sask) Belgium
  • Lead Designer
    Marlou Browaeys
  • Design Team
  • Prize
    Gold in Ankle boots, Gold in Pump / Stiletto heels, Category winner in Women’s Dress
  • Expertise

This collection is based on ethnic masks from all over the world. The masks are interpreted in a graphical way, made on 3 different lasts. These shapes enhance the expression and graphics of the design. The graphic forms overflow into the heel. The color palette is inspired by the paintings of Joan Miró. I applied the inlay technique (marquetery) that I discovered while creating my previous collection. Instead of sewing everything on top of each other, I made an upper with leather inlays: flat and seamless. Each design combines graphic lines with 3D elements. The result is colorful and dynamic

I design and make colorful, graphical and architectural shoes. In my work I like to start from many different influences and combine them into abstract yet dynamic designs.
I have been fascinated by creative processes since I was a child. Early on I experimented with multiple art forms. Later I studied architecture, a study where creativity and science go hand in hand. When I graduated as an architect I missed the creative, experimental projects and handicrafts. I rediscovered this in creating shoes.

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