Silver 2020 / Women’s Dress / Ankle boots

Janus, The VR Tracking boots.



  • Lead Designer
    Antonio Arocho Hernandez
  • Prize
    Silver in Ankle boots, Silver in Fashion
  • Expertise
    Non Professional

Janus represents a possible solution for our digital future and its a contender in a sustainable way where we can continue to shop and express ourselves with footwear, but without compromising the planet. This boot represents the medium, the bridge, between the physical and the digital footwear. In front of the shoe, there is a headless screw so you can attach the Virtual Reality tracker, with this in place, the digital shoes are now ready to fit in your leg and follow you everywhere you walk. Could this be the solution where we physically own three pairs of shoes but have infinities in 3D?

I have always been a person with diverse interests, constantly balancing my fascination with the sciences and passion for the arts. In my eyes, design is an interdisciplinary field, and it speaks to me for that very reason. It allows me to explore and integrate science and technology, arts and craftsmanship, as well as form and function into a single object. Methodical, creative, and tend-conscious designer with industrial and fashion design expertise. BFA on Industrial Design, MA on Footwear Design. Always looking to innovate and create organic forms in the triangular digital space of XR.

Photo Credit: Antonio Arocho Hernandez