Gold 2020 / Fashion Sneakers / Designer sneakers




  • University
    Pratt Institute
  • Lead Designer
    Chia-yuan Ko
  • Prize
    Gold in Designer sneakers, Gold in Sustainable manufacturing process, Category winner in Ethical Manufacturing
  • Expertise

“SYMT” stands for the geometry term “symmetry.” It is the project backbone, a sustainability thinking embodied as a pair of footwear, "FTW_SYMT."

Rethinking the starting point of the typical shoe making process paves way for the design direction of FTW_SYMT. By adopting a symmetrical die cut pattern upon each component on both feet, the total amount of steel-made molds drop to half; fusing paper pleating technique into the mono-material fabric increases the structural strength.

The experimental approach proposes feasible options in balancing energy cost, craftsmanship and functionality.

Photo Credit: Chia-yuan Ko