Bronze 2020 / Women’s Dress / Pump / Stiletto heels

Dragon SK1730



  • University
    Bezalel Academy Of Arts And Design Jerusalem
  • Lead Designer
    Sveta Kletina
  • Prize
    Bronze in Pump / Stiletto heels
  • Expertise

It was crafted by hand using traditional shoemaking approaches such as welted construction, leather dyeing and patina, and my own shoemaking developments “Free Hand Pattern Technique” (FHPT), the new shoe sole type-’’island’’, hidden system of elastic bands. “FHPT” is my own pattern making technique to create complicated patterns very easily right away working on the shoe last. The 3D element of this shoe design together with the interlaced leather and elastic bands is 100% functional that allows it to be worn by women with different feet shape, no matter if it is full or narrow.