Gold 2020 / Fashion Sneakers / Designer sneakers

Space Hippie collection



  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Noah Murphy-reinhertz
  • Design Team
    Haley Toelle, James Zormeir
  • Prize
    Gold in Designer sneakers, Gold in Utilize more than 60% recycle materials
  • Expertise

Space Hippie is an exploratory footwear collection inspired by life on Mars—where materials are scarce and there is no resupply mission. Created from scraps, or “space junk,” Space Hippie is the result of sustainable practices meeting radical design. Space Hippie’s Flyknit yarn is made from 85-90% recycled content, including plastic bottles, t-shirts and post-industrial scraps.

Crater Foam tooling uses about 12% Nike Grind rubber combined with foam materials for a more sustainable, lightweight and responsive feel during city exploration.