Silver 2020 / Specific Sports / Snow boots

Winter Sneaker



  • University
  • Lead Designer
    Christophe Juge
  • Prize
    Silver in Snow boots
  • Expertise

This was originally a more personal 3D challenge than a shoe project, I still wanted to put some design concept into it.

Even if the style was totally free, i wanted to make it functional. The idea is a winter boot, made for the snow, and even suitable for snowshoeing.
The upper is an hybrid of a leather boot with warm lining, closed with a waterproof zip, and a half-shell boot. It features a notch for the snowshoes strap.

 The bottom is designed to spread the pressure on the snow, to make it « float » on the surface. Some rubber inserts are here for hard surfaces.

Photo Credit: Christophe Juge