Gold 2020 / Sports Footwear / Other enhanced Performance Footwear

City Glider - Next Gen Footwear



  • University
    Royal College Of Art
  • Lead Designer
    Phua Wei Qiang Frederick
  • Prize
    Gold in Other enhanced Performance Footwear, Category winner in Sports footwear
  • Expertise

City Glider empowers us to explore more and cover longer distances through walking. Taking people off crowded trains, buses and lowering vehicle usage. Reducing congestion, accidents and carbon emissions. A step toward an efficient, sustainable mobility future.

It augments the walking experience by extending our stride and walking threshold. Lightweight, human powered and requiring almost no effort, the pneumatic mechanical system within the footwear harnesses force expended from the heel strike and releases it in the mid-stance position to propel the user forward by up to 11.6%.

Photo Credit: Phua Wei Qiang Frederick