Silver 2020 / 3d Print Technology / Fashion

FUSED footwear Kodo



  • University
    Fused Footwear
  • Lead Designer
    Philippe Holthuizen
  • Prize
    Silver in Fashion
  • Expertise

The FUSED Kodo is a lifestyle sneaker, with an elegant design dictated by the current possibilities of 3D printing.

The FUSED Kodo is made to order, and comes with both black and white laces. The shoes are 3D printed in one piece and feature a large lace that wraps around the shoe and between the outsole pods. The outsole pods themselves are filled with shock-absorbing lattice structures. They are 3D printed using our TPE filament (thermoplastic elastomer) and can be fully recycled by us.

FUSED footwear was started in the middle of 2017 by Philippe Holthuizen. A previous start-up had given him some hands-on experience with 3D printing, and Philippe realized the potential for 3D printing complete shoes. He gave himself three months to explore the possibilities.

By September of 2017, it was clear the concept would work and set up a shopify page. He decided to focus on fashionable early-adopters, those willing to try out something completely new.