Bronze 2020 / 3d Print Technology / Sports

Lebbre 3D Print

Photo Credit: Image by: Douglas Panatta



  • University
    Not Applicable
  • Lead Designer
    Douglas Panatta
  • Design Team
    Douglas Panatta And Lebbre Team
  • Prize
    Bronze in Sports
  • Expertise

The Lebbre 3D project was conceived in order to develop 3D printing technology in the Brazilian leather footwear sector, seeking to make use of the vast universe of possibilities, in addition to bringing a new approach to textures, ornaments and soles.
After a year of tests, process adjustments and raw material, Lebbre Orgânico was born, with stability, comfort, durability and performance verified in the field and running tests, the first Brazilian sole able to be produced in scale with 3D printing, in addition it looks impossible to replicate with traditional industry techniques.

Douglas is communicative, observant and passionate about the creative process and its possibilities. He has music as one of his passions, likes to cook, photograph, learn about new cultures and behaviors.
He is a shoe technician, has a bachelor's degree in administration and a specialist in strategic design _ product - service - communication system, has almost 20 years of experience in the design, fashion and product segments. During this period he had the opportunity and the possibility to work with all the type of product and market.

Other prizes
Transformers Award at the Inspiramais Design Show category _ Ornaments; Transformers Award at the Inspiramais Design Show category _ Soles; Transformers Award at the Inspiramais Design Salon category _ Fabrics.