Gold 2020 / Ethical Workforce / Supporting local communities footwear business

Chu.a Mules



  • University
    Textile And Fashion Industry Training Centre
  • Lead Designer
    Eshton Chua
  • Prize
    Gold in Supporting local communities footwear business, Category winner in Materials Sourcing, Category winner in Ethical Workforce, Silver in Utilize more than 60% recycle materials
  • Expertise

Created with both environmental and cultural sustainability at its focus, these mules are a culmination of the Peranakan traditional culture of beading and salvaged leather from tanneries. Taking inspiration from traditional Peranakan mules, native to the Malayan Straits, beading was used according to each shoes' purpose, often being very elaborate. However with traditional mules being less relevant, these mules are a minimalist interpretation. At the same time, the leather used is created by re-dying excess leathers, overran from past contracts, from tanneries in Thailand.