Bronze 2020 / Materials Sourcing / Utilize more than 60% recycle materials




  • University
    Footwear Design And Development Institute, Chennai
  • Lead Designer
    Abhrajit Mukherjee
  • Prize
    Bronze in Utilize more than 60% recycle materials
  • Expertise

This is a sustainable hand made slipper. The sole of the slipper is made from car tires. The insock is made of jute. And the upper strip is cut from old jeans and then weaving has been done on it. The full slipper is made of recycled materials.
Reasons to select the design:-
1) Low production cost & man power
2) Sustainable
3) Fashionable
4) Made of common waste materials
5) Easy to make

My name is Abhrajit Mukherjee. I am from India. I am a student. Currently I am completing my graduation (Bachelor of Design in Footwear Design & Production) from Footwear Design & Development Institute, Chennai. I love to design and create new innovative things. My hobbies are drawing and playing video games.

Photo Credit: Abhrajit Mukherjee