Silver 2020 / Fashion Sneakers / Leather sneakers

Black Python/ Ximius Footwear Safari Series



  • University
    Alive Shoes
  • Lead Designer
    Christia Diaz
  • Prize
    Silver in Leather sneakers
  • Expertise
  • Design Team
    Christia Diaz, Alive Shoes(italy)

The Ximius Footwear SS is a timeless, classic streamlined leather sneaker that features an embossed black python upper and tongue, and is accentuated with smooth black leather detailing on the sides to sport the classy logo. Metallic lacing hooks and eyelets, laced with black cotton shoe strings, showcase the front upper. Inspired by the traditional hiking pedula, this traditional design is made for comfort. Crafted in Italy from genuine pristine leathers it supports the foot with padded heel counter and extra tongue padding for a secure and comfortable fit.

Ximius Footwear Collection is an e-commerce, custom design footwear company that offers a wide variety of designs,and materials for extraordinary footwear. Hence, that's how the name of the company came to be; a word play on eximious, meaning extraordinary, or essentially for the extraordinaire. Our belief is that life is to short to wear boring shoes, especially when nature and the universe, holds so much beauty. With that insight, many of our innovative visions are crafted from ideas, colors and materials that mimic something beautiful we see everyday, but as a more creative inspiration.

Other prizes
**First place: Rockstar Rock On Contest $500 Virtual Mastercard award January 2021 **Silver award: Global Footwear Awards 2020 recipient

Photo Credit: Christia Diaz