Silver 2020 / Men’s Dress / Derby / Oxford Shoes (Leather)

Wallet Shoe

  • University
    Savannah College Of Art And Design
  • Lead Designer
    Juan Pablo De La Garza Evia Castillo
  • Prize
    Silver in Derby / Oxford Shoes (Leather)
  • Expertise

The Wallet Shoe is the result of an attempt to re-imagine the typical oxford shoe. The design is fun, sleek, and functional.
The shoe aims to make a statement towards money laundering in the world. Its elegant look resembles the ultra-rich and its hidden money pocket show how they cleverly hide their money for tax avoidance.

The project included design, patterning and construction of the shoe. Before the final make there were some mock ups created to test out the design.

Photo Credit: Juan Pablo De La Garza Evia Castillo
Credits: Photos by Natalia Carlos