Bronze 2020 / Fashion Sneakers / Designer sneakers

wrap tech + rare metal 2



  • Company
    Brand Black
  • Lead Designer
    David Raysse
  • Prize
    Bronze in Designer sneakers, Bronze in Other Fashion innovation Footwear, Bronze in Basketball
  • Expertise
  • Firm Size

The Rare Metal 2 embraces wabi-sabi, the Japanese philosophy of imperfection. The monofilament upper exposes the inside layers of the shoe creating a distinct deconstructed look while providing uncompromised performance in terms of lightness and support. Brandblack utilises Vibram’s Wrap Tech, a concept in which the rubber outsole is used to wrap the bottom and the side of the shoe. The technology featured in Wrap Tech allows the rubber to be thinner thus cutting weight, and grippier compared to conventional rubber outsoles.

Photo Credit: Brand Black