Silver 2020 / Fashion Sneakers / Other Fashion innovation Footwear

Hi-tech footwear skin



  • Company
    Footwear Research Centre, Tomas Bata University In Zlín
  • Lead Designer
    Mga. Zuzana Oharek Bahulova Ph.d.
  • Prize
    Gold in Therapeutic Shoes, Category winner in Medical, Silver in Other Fashion innovation Footwear
  • Expertise
  • Design Team
    Mga. Eva Klabalova, Mga. Juraj Suska, Ph.d.
  • Firm Size

The Hi-tech footwear skin product is a functional and aesthetical footwear for woman. Unique upper construction react to swelling of the legs and has a long-term reversible deformability. The functionality of the footwear is supported by an innovative sole construction with breathable membrane.
Innovative flexible knitted upper is protected by patent
Original outsole construction is protected by patent
2D knitted technology and is supplemented with a vapor permeable membrane
The project partner is the company BAŤA, a.s.

Photo Credit: Footwear Research Centre, Tomas Bata University In Zlín