Bronze 2020 / Women’s Casual / Canvas Shoes

Mocactia Aztec sandal



  • Company
    Franck Boistel
  • Lead Designer
    Franck Boistel
  • Client
  • Prize
    Bronze in Canvas Shoes
  • Expertise

The future of footwear lies in the past.
Bringing back relevant footwear from the past of human kind, Mocactia sandal is a missing link in Footwear. The original sandal designed and created by the Aztec pre conquest is all over Aztec manuscripts and sculptures in Mexico. Unfortunately, there is no trace of this sandal in any museums across the world as Spanish priests burnt down everything Aztec. As a shoe designer, I stumbled on this design in Mexico and decided to re-made it, In Mexico and bring it back to life as this sandal is a fantastic footwear style.