Silver 2020 / Materials Sourcing / Utilize 70% recycle materials




  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Nicolas Lavigna
  • Prize
    Silver in Utilize 70% recycle materials
  • Expertise
  • Design Team
    Antoine Bodart​ And A​rnaud Vanderplancke
  • Firm Size

3 years of research & development for the sole purpose of re-inventing the shoe industry standards. BUILT IN EUROPE — 90% RECYCLED MATERIALS. Norm is a sneakers brand created around 3 key words: sustainability, transparency and modernity. Our Sneakers are designed with the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle.
Norm's 1L11 trainer produces 80 per cent less carbon than typical shoes. The upper part of the 1L11 model is 3D knitted with yarn made from recycled plastic bottles – six bottles are used per pair of trainers.

Photo Credit: Norm