Bronze 2020 / Materials Sourcing / Bio-fabricated materials x Mylea



  • Company
    Mycl Mycotech Lab
  • Lead Designer
    Adi Reza Nugroho
  • Prize
    Bronze in Bio-fabricated materials
  • Expertise
  • Design Team
    Adi Reza Nugroho, Arekha Bentangan, Ronaldiaz Hartantyo, And Annisa Wibi
  • Firm Size

One of the latest and most interesting leather alternatives comes from Indonesia-based biotech firm, Mycotech Lab (MYCL) which recently unveiled its mushroom-based material dubbed “Mylea.” Announced in 2020 as one of the first examples in footwear using mycelium.

The way it is created is that first the sawdust is cleaned with steam and mixed with mushroom spores. The whole process consumes far less water than traditional animal-based leather making process.

Photo Credit: Mycl Mycotech Lab