Category Winner 2020 / Unisex

Bloom Foam



  • University
    The University Of Bolton
  • Lead Designer
    Olly Saunders
  • Prize
    Category winner in Unisex, Gold in Slides, Gold in Bio-fabricated materials
  • Expertise

Exploring through Gravity Sketch, Olly Saunders idea of making a slide is a bit more adventurous than the average without losing the essence of what a slide sandal is. More flexible, balanced, sustainable, customizable and combinded with the simplicity aesthetic of flowing material formed around the foot. The concept features a sustainable 'Rise EVA' (Algae foam) outsole with deep tread cuts for flex and tabi toe for extra balance. The footbed is interchangable, allowing the consumer to replace the outsole in the future, or add custom fit if desired.