Category Winner 2020 / Women’s Casual

WA / harmony

Photo Credit: Dina Aller



  • University
    Estonian Academy Of Arts
  • Lead Designer
    Dina Aller
  • Design Team
    Tutor Marika Jylhä
  • Prize
    Category winner in Women’s Casual, Gold in Sandals flats
  • Expertise

My idea was to make sandals whose design would be historically associated with Japanese culture. I was inspired by Japanese hieroglyphs. Japanese historical philosophy is conveyed by the hieroglyph Wa.
Wa ("Japan, Japanese") in China, Korea, and Japan were so named in Japan until the 8th century. Wa means "harmony, peace, balance".
Japan is a world leader in life expectancy. The secret lies in a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

For the project, I chose natural materials based on a healthy lifestyle. WA unisex sandals can be fully extended for easy storage and transport.