Bronze 2020 / Women’s Dress / Pump / Stiletto heels




  • University
    Inescop (spain)
  • Lead Designer
    Sabina Teruel
  • Prize
    Bronze in Pump / Stiletto heels
  • Expertise

Sabinis are collections designed for lovers of timeless design, sustainability and local production.

I design collections to excite and create a bond with whoever wears each piece.

All my creations are handcrafted.

Since 2008 I´ve been dedicated myself to work in some of the most important companies in Spain designing footwear and accessories. To in 2016, after wondering if that was the only way to create collections; I created my own brand of shoes and accessories called Sabinis to the Vision recovering crafts and including respect for the environment through the processes.
Currently, I collaborate with the design of collections with companies and brands with which I share the same values, while I continue to create collections slowly through Sabinis to aim artisan design never disappears.

Other prizes
2008 Footwear Design Award Futurmoda (Spain) 2010 Footwear Design Garvalín (Spain)