Winner 2020 / Materials Sourcing

Voronoi Runners

  • University
    Massey University
  • Lead Designer
    Rik Olthuis
  • Prize
    Gold in Biodegradable materials, Category winner in Materials Sourcing, Silver in Sports, Silver in Sustainable manufacturing process
  • Expertise

Voronoi Runners are sneakers made using only 100% biodegradable materials, constructed without the use of any adhesives so material can be seperated and composted individually. Biodegradable alternatives accommodate proactive waste management targeting the source of the issue as opposed to dealing with materials after production. Implementing the latest in 3D printing and scanning technologies, combining additive manufacturing with injection molding for a specialized outcome to ensure a comfortable fit, prompting healthy excersize.

Dutch New Zealand born Industrial designer. Recent graduate from Massey University Wellington New Zealand. Passionate about all things footwear looking to make an impact in the footwear design world. Specializing in Additive manufacturing and Material Sourcing to develop new boundry pushing designs with environmental benefits.

Other prizes
- New Zealand Dyson Design and Engineering Award Winner 2020. - New Zealand ECC Student Product Design & Innovation in Sustainability Awards 2020. - Global Footwear Awards overall independant sustainability winner 2020

Photo Credit: Rik Olthuis