Bronze 2020 / Collaboration / Fashion

No_Code "Shoeker"



  • Company
    Tod's X Yong Bae Seok
  • Lead Designer
    Yong Bae Seok
  • Prize
    Bronze in Fashion
  • Expertise

Shoe + Sneaker = Shoeker.
The Shoeker is a luxury, leather-crafted line of footwear that Tod's launched for the wearer who wants versatility and style — footwear. It was designed by South Korean footwear visionary Yong Bae Seok. It's got a soft, sneaker-like profile, but a more structured foundation. Basically, the Shoeker is what we've all been waiting for: an excuse to not go home and change, but still look smooth.
In the past, Tod's has positioned itself nicely against other luxury brands by capitalizing on their Italian design standards and leather goods.