Category Winner 2020 / 3D Print Technology




  • Company
    Peak Sports Usa Design Center, Inc
  • Lead Designer
    Kui Cai
  • Design Team
    Kui Cai, Zheng Huang, Sheng Zhang, Wending Li
  • Client
    K Trade Fair
  • Prize
    Gold in Running, Gold in Fashion, Category winner in 3D Print Technology, Silver in Sustainable manufacturing process, Silver in Closed loop manufacturing
  • Expertise

"The Next" is a concept running shoe project designed and leaded by PEAK SPORTS USA DESIGN CENTER, INC. It is a project that PEAK co-creates with WANHUA to fully utilize 3D printing technology and a concept that represents the next future, the next arena and the next adventure by our vision.

The goal of THE NEXT project is to rethink how shoes are made and the lifecycle of the footwear, leveraging 3D printing technology and a new method of make to create revolutionary footwear that is eco-friendly, custom-built around a person's anatomy, and also has the iconic aesthetics.