Silver 2020 / Women’s Dress / Derby / Oxford Shoes (Leather)

A Thing of Beauty

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  • Company
    Atelier Groves & Co. Ltd
  • Lead Designer
    Caroline Groves
  • Client
    Private Client
  • Prize
    Silver in Derby / Oxford Shoes (Leather)
  • Expertise

Custom design based on the classic oxford, adapted with a distinctive and innovative bellows tongue and vintage button fastening. Alum-tawed leather upper with hand-scribed calligraphy featuring the client's favourite lines from the poetry of John Keats. Hand-stitched details. Natural linings. Oak bark tanned leather soling, insoling and stiffeners. 3-inch leather-covered wooden Coq heel. Breasted sole. This shoe brings together elements of art, poetry and craftsmanship only found in bespoke work. Several inks and leathers were tested during the design development. Completely handmade.