Bronze 2020 / Women’s Dress / Calf boots

Strada in Vegan Nappa - Knee High Boot



  • Company
    Sylven New York
  • Lead Designer
    Casey Dworkin
  • Prize
    Bronze in Calf boots, Bronze in Utilize more than 60% recycle materials, Bronze in Utilize 70% recycle materials
  • Expertise
  • Firm Size

Designed to traverse the cobblestone streets of Tuscany, Strada translates to street in Italian.

Crafted from entirely bio-based and plant-based vegan materials, the Strada is comprised of more than 90% recycled materials. The vegan nappa used for the upper is made from 100% recycled fibers, and requires 95% less water than the standard chemical process of creating vegan leather.

The heel’s interior is made from 100% recycled plastic, and the sole is made from 100% recycled rubber. Both the heel and sole come from closed-loop systems ensuring that any offcuts during production are reused.

Sylven New York is a conscious footwear brand fostering luxury craftsmanship and sustainable innovation in equal measure. Working with heritage factories in the Tuscany region of Italy, we utilize a cutting-edge combination of bio-based, plant-based, renewable, recyclable, organic, and biodegradable materials.

As the Founder, it’s an incredible opportunity to combine my affinities for sustainability with shoe design. I was born on Earth Day and have always felt an inherent connection to nature. I love introducing new audiences to sustainable practices through intentional design.

Other prizes
Drexel University 40 under 40

Photo Credit: Sylven New York