Gold 2020 / Workwear / Heavy duty workwear boots

Construct 10061



  • Company
    Helen Kirkum Studio X Timberland
  • Lead Designer
    Helen Kirkum
  • Prize
    Gold in Heavy duty workwear boots, Gold in Fashion, Category winner in Workwear, Silver in Utilize 70% recycle materials
  • Expertise
  • Firm Size

A classic 10061, original boot silhouette in signature wheat nubuck, made from discarded leather scraps found in the factory. This enhances the handmade feel, with a nod to commentary on the industry's waste problem. A classic footwear craftmanship approach by rearranging and combining different elements she is questioning known patterns and proportions, creating unique pieces yet maintain it's functional footwear. At Helen Kirkum Studio, we celebrate the processes of wearing and making in our products. We create bespoke sneakers artistically crafted for an individual experience.

Photo Credit: Helen Kirkum Studio X Timberland