Winner 2021 / Special Awards / ARTISTIC FOOTWEAR

Diana 1981



  • Lead Designer
    Deborah Kiwi
  • Prize
  • Expertise

This footwear addresses obsessive fascination and reckless destruction of that, which we idolize most. Taking Princess Diana as inspiration, a symbol of innocence, worship and sacrifice, she constantly tip toed a fine line, becoming a princess and icon, deprived of self-determination or liberty of self-expression.

This design, a reflection of a historical European dress shoe, communicates royal restrictions and conventions. The shoe deliberately shapes the foot in that impossible, broken position. Replacing balance and ease for restraint and discomfort.
(Part 2 of the Diana mini collection)

Deborah Kiwi, a Dutch shoe designer and maker based in Tel Aviv, specialises in the design and creation of conceptual, artistic footwear. This female voice aims to push the boundaries of what footwear can be. Using this fascinating, diverse object and what it represents, to explore our relationship to gender, status and culture.

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Photo Credit: Deborah Kiwi