Winner 2021 / Special Awards / ARTISTIC FOOTWEAR


  • Company
    Misawa Shoe Design Inc.
  • Lead Designer
    Noriyuki Misawa
  • Prize
  • Expertise
  • Firm Size

“Vehicle” is a tribute piece to the visual futurist legend, Syd Mead. Inspired by the space colony in the epic film, “Elysium,” Misawa expressed beauty in a curvy shoe line defining legs. His design’s keyword is “riding” and departs boldly from the traditional concepts of “wearing/walking” shoes. Using his background as a shoemaker, Misawa hand-crafted this futuristic piece with scrap leather. Like a child, playing in a private imaginary world, he made this piece by freely immersing himself into Mead’s incredible fantasy world. He sees the world through Syd’s eyes, and designed new shoes.

Other prizes
2010 Germany, International Efficiency Contest of Shoemakers "Gold medal" and "Honor prize"2015 The 33rd Japan leather crafts exhibition "Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister Award"And many others

Photo Credit: Misawa Shoe Design Inc.