Overall Winner 2021 / MEN'S FASHION




  • University
    Academy Of Fine Arts Sint-niklaas (sask)
  • Lead Designer
    Dempsey Pauwels
  • Prize
    Overall winner in MEN'S FASHION
  • Expertise
  • Other credit
    Charlotte Visser

The Rule collection is a combination of a classic wholecut with spats and abstract elements.

Spats were chosen as a source of inspiration and belong to the British army (royal regiment of foot) in the 18th century.

The classic part of the shoe is reflected in the wholecut patronage in crust leather, the hand-painted patina and the shine technique.

The abstract elements translate into the production of a modern last with a modern nose.

Both the shape of the spats and the overlay of the lines are based on different methods of table setting according to hospitality etiquette.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Visser