Overall Winner 2021 / WOMEN'S FASHION




  • University
    D'acedemie Beeld
  • Lead Designer
    Lise De Smet
  • Prize
    Overall winner in WOMEN'S FASHION
  • Expertise
  • Design Team

For this collection, I chose to work with silicone. Silicone is a material widely used in orthopedics. It is a custom made collection with self-made lasts from plaster. As a theme, I chose Arabic, geometric patterns. Both the colors and the patterns that often recur in Moroccan interiors inspire me. Moroccan tiles (zellij) often use a square with some basic lines. When you make this square recur several times, you get beautiful patterns. I have integrated this strategy into my whole collection. Again my heel constructions are always a derivative of the specific Arabic pattern.

I' am a Belgium based student shoe designer. I discovered my passion for fashion and aesthetic shoes through my studies as a podiatrist and orthopaedic shoe technician. Enrolling in the shoe design program at SASK, d’Academie Beeld Sint-Niklaas in Belgium, inspired me to translate my vision into aesthetic shoe designs. My ambition is to leave a mark through my collections using innovative (orthopaedic) materials combined with traditional shoe making techniques. Intricate heel constructions are a common thread through my designs.

Photo Credit: Lise De Smet